In FY13, CGLA leveraged 13,669 hour of volunteer and pro bono service to impact the lives of men and women in Chicago.

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The contributions of volunteer attorneys, law students, and other committed individuals are critical to our work and success.

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Our volunteers help us

decide where we can have the greatest impact.

remove persistent barriers to employment.

advocate for individual clients.

spread the word about CGLA.

operate efficiently.




CGLA is continually working with partner organizations and elected officials to create and change legislation in the State of Illinois to bring about justice, opportunity and second changes for people in our state.

See think links below to find out about our current legislative priorities.

  • HB 4580: Healthcare Worker
  • HB 4434: Illinois School Code
  • HB 5701: Ban the Box
  • HB 2378: Sealing of Common Low-Level Misdemeanors
  • HB 5686: Amendments to Probate Act to better protect parents in guardianship proceedings
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