CGLA September 2013 Newsletter


Celebrating 40 Years

A Note from Gretchen

Every day…for 40 years, CGLA has strengthened lives, assisted families and supported communities – one person at a time. We consistently demonstrate how legal aid and integrated social services can deliver positive legal outcomes and transform crisis into change. It’s more than giving people a second chance – it’s addressing the root causes of unemployment, homelessness, poverty and other challenges that contribute to crime and recidivism.

With a small staff and a dedicated volunteer effort, CGLA helped more than 6,700 Chicago residents last year and achieved:

  • 50% of expungement and sealing petitions in Chicago were handled by CGLA
  • 100% of divorce cases involving children reached custodial agreement
  • 100% of eviction cases were resolved prior to trial with a positive outcome
  • 89% success rate representing clients seeking visitation
  • 81% clients reported increased family stability

Our holistic service model is efficient, focused and results-oriented. From 2010 to 2012, CGLA saw a 350% increase in clients. But Illinois lists more than 5.7 million subjects with criminal records – so the need is greater than our current capacity to serve.

As we prepare to celebrate 40 years of providing justice and mercy to the poor we look forward to you being part of this very special night. You have made what CGLA has accomplished possible and we hope that you will be there to celebrate with us and look forward to the next 40 years.

All my thanks,

Gretchen Slusser
Executive Director

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