Clemency Intakes

Four times a year, CGLA interviews clients who are seeking to clear their criminal record and for whom executive clemency is their only option. CGL A partners with firms and corporations to conduct intakes and assist with deciding if a potential client is accepted for representation.

Process: Attorneys meet with potential clients who are seeking assistance with a petition for executive clemency. Volunteers conduct two intakes and then meet with CGLA staff attorneys, social workers, and other volunteers to present cases and vote on acceptance. CGLA’s Legal Service Coordinator will work with law firms and corporations to schedule intakes and the intake meeting. Training: Attend Clemency Intake

Training: training typically lasts one hour and is coordinated with the Legal Services Coordinator.

Requirements: This opportunity is specific to law firms and corporations who are able to commit to a minimum of eight attorneys to conduct intakes. Excellent interpersonal skills and commitment to attorney-client relationship.

Required Commitment: Volunteers must commit to a three hour shift to conduct intakes and then participate in the intake presentation meeting, typically lasting an additional three hours.

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