"This is God's work. We're just the agents here."

-CGLA Founder, Chuck Hogren

About Us


Cabrini Green Legal Aid (CGLA) provides high-impact, free legal services to low-income Chicagoans in four areas of law: family, housing, criminal records, and criminal defense.We integrate legal and social services in order to improve our legal outcomes and extend our impact beyond crisis support.



To answer God’s call to seek justice and mercy for those living in poverty by providing legal services that strengthen lives, families and communities.



Our vision is for our clients to leave us stronger than they came.



We believe that justice is more than a verdict. It’s an opportunity to build bridges and strengthen lives.


Shared Values
  • We seek to plant and nurture seeds of reconciliation, compassion and the desire to serve.
  • Desire to Serve:We will make known the opportunities that exist to serve, particularly among those who are in or are preparing to enter the legal profession.
  • Compassion: We will make people aware of the plight of the underserved so that the inspiration for their giving and service arises out of deep concern for those without an advocate.
  • Reconciliation: We aspire to bridge the disparate worlds of the people we serve and those who make our work possible, while encouraging restored relationship between individuals and their community and Creator
  • We are committed to personal and corporate integrity
  • We are committed to zealous advocacy
  • We are committed to seeing people as children of God, made in God’s image, and will treat them accordingly
  • We aspire to serve the whole person
  • We are committed to deep involvement with our community, especially in connection with local churches
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